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Experienced Kentucky Attorney for Your Family Law Needs

With my family law clients, I approach each case with a commitment that is rooted in personal service and effective solutions. I not only try to shape and achieve their legal goals but I also try to do so in a way that leaves a lasting positive impact. With more than a decade of legal experience in family law, I understand how to prepare cases, protect client rights and interests and help them deal with such difficult decisions.

My name is Rhonda M. Copley, and as an Ashland divorce and family lawyer, I offer experienced services for a variety of family law needs. I know that for my clients, a divorce or other family law need often consumes their daily lives. For that reason, I stay responsive to clients, follow up with return phone calls and make sure that they understand what is going on and what to expect in their cases.

Contact my firm to learn more information and to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. Call my office at 606-324-9607 or toll free at 866-441-8937 to make an appointment.

A Practice Focused Solely on Kentucky Family Law

Born and raised in Ashland, I appreciate our community and how important it is to protect people who are neighbors and other community members.

In 1991, I began working as a circuit court judicial law clerk for Judge Dan Venters, who is now a Kentucky Supreme Court Justice. From 1992 to 1999, I practiced as an associate and as a partner with an Elizabethtown firm. I returned to Ashland and opened my own firm in January of 2000 to serve the family law needs of customers in the area.

During my time as a family law attorney, I have had two Supreme Court cases that have been published (Eiland vs. Ferrell, 937 SW 2nd 713.2; and Pennington vs. Marcum, 266 SW 3rd 759). I also completed mediation training for general mediation and specialty in family law in 1999.

Contact My Firm to Schedule an Initial Consultation

For the convenience of my clients, I offer free 15-minute initial consultations, where clients can tell me about their issues. To contact my office in Ashland, you may send me an e-mail. You may also call my office at 606-324-9607 or toll free at 866-441-8937.

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Rhonda M. Copley

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