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Boyd County Divorce, Child Custody and Family Law Representation

For more than a decade, I have served individuals and families across the state of Kentucky who are faced with difficult family law issues. I provide dedicated, effective legal representation for a wide range of legal needs in family law including divorce, custody and support. In my practice, I pay attention to the needs of my clients and have a deep appreciation for the challenges that they are facing.

My name is Rhonda M. Copley and it is important that you can trust and depend upon your family law attorney. The lawyer you select can often have a tremendous impact on your future and the future of your family. Work with a law firm that has the experience and knowledge to resolve your issues in a manner that meets your best interests.

Contact my firm to learn more information and to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. Call my office at 606-324-9607 or toll free at 866-441-8937 to make an appointment.

Discuss Your Case With an Ashland Family Lawyer

At my law firm, I can handle family law issues that include:

As a family law attorney who provides comprehensive family law legal services, I try to use compassion and respect throughout every case. I will answer your questions honestly and provide the information that you need to arrive at effective legal solutions.

Contact My Ashland Office to Make an Appointment

To discuss your case with me and learn more information, I offer free 15-minute initial consultations where clients can tell me about their issues. To contact my office in Ashland, you may send me an e-mail. You may also call my office at 606-324-9607 or toll free at 866-441-8937.

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Rhonda M. Copley

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