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Stepparent & Grandparent Adoption

Adoption is a loving choice by the birth parents as well as the adoptive family. Adoption brings special joy to parents who cannot have children or who want to expand their families through adoption. If a birthmother is experiencing financial difficulties associated with her unplanned pregnancy, she may be entitled to assistance with living expenses in addition to securing private medical care and counseling.

At my firm, Rhonda M. Copley, I have more than a decade of experience handling family law cases, including those involving custody, and I understand the difficulties and the emotions of such cases. Having an experienced and skilled child custody lawyer on your side can help you do what is best for your children and meet your goals at the same time.

Contact my firm to learn more information and to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. Call my office at 606-324-9607 or toll free at 866-441-8937 to make an appointment.

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For the convenience of my clients, I offer free 15-minute initial consultations, where clients can tell me about their issues. To contact my office in Ashland, you may send me an e-mail. You may also call my office at 606-324-9607 or toll free at 866-441-8937.

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